Jean Claude Andre NERETTI (male)
Birth 14 Apr 1940 Marseilles, France
Death 26 Jan 1987 Campbelltown, NSW, Australia
Father Unknown Francis Marceau NERETTI
Mother Unknown Living
Merlene Ruby CASSIDY (female)
Birth 17 Feb 1943 Waverley, NSW, Australia
Death 8 Aug 1984 Leumeah, NSW, Australia
Father 1922 William Thomas CASSIDY
Mother 24 Dec 1922 Lois Holly GARVAN
Family of Jean Claude Andre NERETTI & Merlene Ruby CASSIDY
Marriage 19 May 1962 Randwick, NSW, Australia
Boy Unknown Living
Girl 30 Jun 1963 Living
Girl 8 Oct 1970 Living

Francis Marceau NERETTI (male)
Birth Unknown France
Death 20 Dec 1983 Sydney, NSW, Australia
Father Unknown Living
Living (female)
Birth Unknown France
Father Unknown Living
Family of Francis Marceau NERETTI
Boy 14 Apr 1940 Jean Claude Andre NERETTI

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